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Absorber Spring Sapura Leda Pro-Ride - The History of the Greatest Suspension

Hye folks.Arini rase cam nk bincang topik ni dalam bahasa English. Ok the history of Sapura ProRide Absorber, Springs, Suspension Performance Parts.

As we all know, Sapura was establish in 1975 and started as a comunication company. Then Sapura Industrial was born as sub Sapura company handling in automotive, brakes, machining and others. Sapura has been OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for Proton, Perodua, Naza, Ford, General Motor, Volvo, Think Technology Norway was many years and has kept low profile because their focus are more to OEM parts and not aftermarket parts. 

Sapura has maintained a good and well quality performance as well as a good name throughout these years. Never once did anyone hear about negatives of Sapura in newspaper or others. They kept low profile but actually they are the mastermind of OEM parts that we don't know. And interesting, people don't know about this Sapura Leda and their history. Let me be the one to share.

Now kite selidik history of Leda Suspension.Leda Suspension was founded by Len Dixon in 1978. Len has spent a lifetime working in the motor industry including 9 years at Armstrong Patents where be was the Technical Liaison Engineer based at Ford Motor Company. Later Len joined Woodhead Manufacturing, an original equipment shock absorber manufacturer based in Essex, England. After 5 years at Woodhead Len decided to set up on his own and founded Chelmsford Suspension Services with his wife Carol, which became Leda Suspension Ltd in 1985. From the outset, Leda set about designing and manufacturing its own range of adjustable damping struts and shock absorbers for all classes of motorsport. Leda philosophy was, and still is simple; to make tough, reliable, durable suspension units that withstand the rigors of international motorsport, whilst being easy to service and rebuild. All Leda Suspension units are built by hand, to order, using the very best race proven components available.

     Ni logo Leda suspension. Logo Sapura Leda sama camni cuma atas Leda tu ade tulis Sapura. Sy akan dapatkan gambar logo Sapura Leda.

Over the past 25 years, LEDA has produced shocks and struts for many of the winning Porsche FIA GT cars, British F1 Teams, FIA World Rally Teams, and United Kingdom Porsche Championship Series Teams, as well as many pro and club race cars throughout Europe. Lots of racing cars such as Subaru Impreza, porsche, chevrolete and other are using Leda. LEDA units are known for their durability and race winning performance.

Ok, now both history korang dah tahu. Dan sy xpasti Sapura dan Leda berkerjasama bile. Maybe hujung thn 90an. Sy akan confirmkan balik. After Sapura Leda, the company was bought by UK owner and now know as Leda Suspension. Http:// Sapura Leda car parts dulu dijual dengan harga mahal kerana they are adjustable and tuned to high performance racing and rally race. Above RM5000 above for their suspension system. Maybe it is not suitable for Malaysian to buy such high quality for racing and not many can afford them.
Jadi, setelah company ini dijual, then Sapura using their knowledge that they have been cooperating with Leda came up with their new aftermarket product called Pro-Ride around 3 years back. 

The name Pro-Ride was change to ProRide because Pro-Ride means something like professional ride. Starting slow with standard absorbers, then increasing to disc brake and brake pad. Last year they came out with performance aka sport absorbers and springs with such low price but with high quality.Click here to get Pro-Ride aka Sapura Leda Absorber and Spring Prices This year, they ProRide engine oil was produced with the highest standard which is API SM and is competetive with Top Engine Oil in Malaysia. But at low price. Click Here To Know about Sapura ProRide Engine Oil Prices

Now, Sapura Industrial is trying to come out with more and more aftermarket products after keeping a low profile for the past 25 years and we should be proud to have  a good company reputation such as Sapura. Now we know and I also am indeed surprise especially to see how Leda and Sapura together and their history to be Sapura Leda. And also Leda Suspension company, they are big and Sapura, well they kept low profile from us so now we know how big they are in automotive industries. After selling their products, I realized that all Sapura ProRide products are above high quality standard with best performance but at unbelievable price. Its really weird. Contact me for more info about Sapura ProRide products and advice

Now, as always, people say support our local industry. But I don't think that I have to say that because know you know. Hope Sapura will succeed in their future. Amin...

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