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Sapura ProRide - Engine Oil - How to choose

Engine Oil aka Lubricant is a substance (often a liquid) introduced between two moving surfaces to
reduce the friction between them, improving efficiency and reducing wear. It may also have the function of dissolving or transporting foreign particles and of distributing heat.

Therefore Engine Oil is important for your engine for smooth riding, performance, fuel efficiency, temperature and protects your engine for longer lasting. So choosing the best engine oil for your engine is critical because there are many types of engine and each one of them has their own differences. So how do you choose? Is it based on your budget? If that's so, then why not use minyak sawit, less then Rm10 for your engine. Still you will hesitate right? Then, maybe you could have the best quality but at the lowest price offer value for your money.

First Question - How old is the engine of your car?

Below 5-7years (min 5 max 7 years) - then the best should be synthetic or semi synthetic/synthetic blend.
Above 5-7years (min 5 max 7 years) - the best would be Mineral Based

First, you should know what is Synthetic? Synthetic oil is a lubricant consisting of chemical compounds which are artificially made (synthesized) using chemically modified petroleum components rather than whole crude oil.

Synthetic Oil is special man made oil for creating low viscosity (rendah kelikatan) but can sustain high temperature (boleh berfungsi baik pada suhu tinggi) also at low temperature. Most synthetic blend has additive that has cleasing power and protection for engine which cleans the engine.

If you experienced to topup engine oil frequently and your car is 5 years and above, then I suggest you to change to mineral. This is why:

There are two main reasons why synthetic oil is not recommended for engines more than 5 years old;

The valve/chamber ‘tolerance/gap’ had widened. It could lead to a condition where lower viscosity oil grade leaking into the combustion chamber and got burnt and thus leading to the decrease in the volume of lubricant in oil sump.

The additive in synthetic oil has higher cleansing power. With this extra power, the dirt that previously acted as sealant would be washed away. This situation could cause ‘oil leakage’ and ‘power loss’ as a result from a condition known as ‘gas blowby’.

For new cars below 5 years max 7 years, the best oil is using synthetic oil and at low viscosity 40 and below. You can feel the difference using mineral at high viscosity; the car is less pickup and fuel consume is higher.

For older cars above 5years max 7 years, the best oil is using Mineral oil at high viscosity 40 above. You don't have to topup your engine oil frequently and your car temperature would be stabilize.

Second Question - How to differentiate Quality of the Engine Oil?
Well, most manufacturing products has its own standards whether it is SIRIM or ISO. Such as for OEM automotive manufactuer, they have they own ISO/TS16949 which Sapura ProRide passed this for absorbers and springs and other parts and has it written on every box and item.

So what is the standard quality for engine oil? API or American Petroleum Institute is widely used standards for engine oil and most engine oil has this API standards. It differs from SAE. SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) doesn't calculate the quality of the oil, but calculate the viscosity of the Oil example SAE 10w30 which is less viscous than SAE 20w50. And that is it. You dont know the difference of quality by seeing SAE.

What is the Highest API (American Petroleum Institute) Standard?
The highest API is SM. You can see on Sapura ProRide engine oil,all 4 products from Sapura ProRide has passed API SM. Try and search other products such as Shell, Castrol and you can see there are some of their products standard are not API SM, but API SL. Frankly, no matter how famous the brand is, but if its SL, it can never exceed the quality of SM.

So, the highest is API SM, than lower quality SL,followed by SJ and SH.

Last Question - Best Oil Checked, Best Quality Checked, How about Price?
Ok, now all you have to do is choose the best oil for your car, best quality API SM, and now compare prices. Please compare Sapura ProRide prices with other products. Make sure you compare same type, Mineral/Semi and also same Quality Gred which should be API SM and you should know why I always say BEST PERFORMANCE at BEST PRICE, WHAT ELSE?? and make sure the oil you compare is genuine which has Genuine Free Gift which comes with it. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you should read my article about, Genuine and Non Genuine Engine Oil. The easiest to confirm it is genuine is by checking the price from the Petrol Station.

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List of Items Sapura ProRide (previously known as Pro-Ride or Sapura Leda) : 
1. Shock Absorber - Standard/Sport
2. Spring - Standard/Sport
3. Engine Oil API SM - Semi Synthetic/Mineral
4. Performance Brake Pad
5. Performance Disc Brake

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