Sunday, June 20, 2010

Motorcycle Engine Oil Pro-Ride Sapura - NEW SURVEY

Sapura is planning to make its new motorcycle engine oil after making passenger car Engine Oil Sapura ProRide. They are planning
to come out with this new engine oil and I hope Sapura will maintain its same objective Best Quality or Best Performance at Best Price Offered. Please feel free to pick on the survey either are you interested on buying it especially for motorcycle riders . Thanx alot in advance.

KaptenProRide (Malaysia - Thailand - Phillipines)

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List of Items Sapura ProRide (previously known as Pro-Ride or Sapura Leda) : 
1. Shock Absorber - Standard/Sport
2. Spring - Standard/Sport
3. Engine Oil API SM - Semi Synthetic/Mineral
4. Performance Brake Pad
5. Performance Disc Brake

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