Saturday, June 19, 2010

Absorber Sport Kembara now available (NEW ITEM!!)

Now available.
Kembara Suspension Sport aka Lowered aka Performance Sapura ProRide. For Spring and Absorber.
Warranty 1 year for Spring and 6 month for Absorber. 

High Performance. Sporty color dan performance yang mengagumkan.


More topics about Absorbers, Spring and Suspensions:

- History of Sapura Leda and connection with ProRide Suspension
- Difference between Standard (Normal Stroke) and Performance (Short Stroke) absorbers
- List of Sapura ProRide Absorbers and Why ProRide?
- List of Sapura ProRide Springs and Why ProRide?

List of Items Sapura ProRide (previously known as Pro-Ride or Sapura Leda) : 
1. Shock Absorber - Standard/Sport
2. Spring - Standard/Sport
3. Engine Oil API SM - Semi Synthetic/Mineral
4. Performance Brake Pad
5. Performance Disc Brake

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Anonymous said...

ade ke sport abs & spring utk kembara ni?? kenapa kwn sy kate xde pon?? dia dealer proride...

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