Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sapura ProRide Majalah Extreme Review

Check out the Latest Majalah Extreme June 2010. Ade review tentang Engine Oil Sapura ProRide and
their advertisement. Check out also last years July 2009 Extreme as pic below:

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List of Items Sapura ProRide (previously known as Pro-Ride or Sapura Leda) : 
1. Shock Absorber - Standard/Sport
2. Spring - Standard/Sport
3. Engine Oil API SM - Semi Synthetic/Mineral
4. Performance Brake Pad
5. Performance Disc Brake


Anonymous said...

It's July 2009... I got the magazine already. If July 2010, haven't even come out.

KaptenProRide said...

Yup ur right..The picture is last years extreme..typo..

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